WhatsApp Plus

Version: 17.85 | Size: 72MB

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the official WhatsApp Messenger and is widely recognized as the most popular mod. You can easily download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK for your Android device.

Key Features


Double Tick

Being online

Typing Status

Recording status

Microphone settings

Scheduling messages

Auto reply

Save Status

DND Mode


Fingerprint Lock

Themes & Fonts

Icon Change

Disable Call

Is WhatsApp Plus a new update come? Are you looking for the latest and updated version of Whatsapp Plus? Then you have landed on the right platform. From here you can download Whatsapp Plus latest version. in this post, I am going to tell about Whatsapp plus v8.0. I also discuss How to Install Whatsapp Plus latest version?

WhatsApp Plus is the best alternative mod for WhatsApp which uses more than 20 million people. If you are using and need an extra feature on this app, I think you should use WhatsApp Plus Apk. Go to below and see the app feature why this app.

So keep reading the post patiently.

What is WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is an updated form of WhatsApp, which is one of the most popular communication apps. This app that has been changed has everything that a regular WhatsApp user would want. Because of its features, WhatsApp Plus APK is very appealing, and you’ll love using it on your phone once you learn about all of its features.

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus

FeatureWhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Direct Message
File Sending Limit999 MB99 MB
Themes Store
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security Lock
Download Status
Status Length255139
Bulk Message
Icon Change
Custom Font
Freeze Last Seen
Hide Blue Ticks
Second Tick
Typing Status
DND Mode
Emoji Variants
Always Online
Hide Media From Gallery
Send Web Images Directly
Multi App Language Support
Send Images in Full Resolution

Why Use WhatsApp Plus?

Well, if you value privacy and customization, then WhatsApp Plus is definitely the way to go. With its many features and options, you can tailor your chat experience to suit your needs. So if you’re looking for a more private and personalized chat experience, then give WhatsApp Plus a try!

WhatsApp Plus is a new version of the popular texting app that aims to make things better for its users. The latest update, V8.30, just came out and has a lot of cool features that users will like. The app’s settings are very simple to use and can be changed in any way you want. This makes it perfect for people who want full control over their texting experience. Also, WhatsApp Plus has a large online space where friends and family can meet and share events, making it a great choice for socializing.

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If you use an old version of this app, you should download the latest version. There are many bugs fixed in the updated version. See the app details carefully and click the download button.

We know that all GBmods app upgrade versions of the normal Apk file. WhatsApp Plus is one of them. In this app, there are many features that are messing with others WhatsApp. Download it and install it the same way as the GBwhatsApp Install Guide.

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Did you just think that’s all WhatsApp Plus has to offer? Well, think again! Modified apps have many more benefits than the official ones, and the highlighted features mentioned earlier are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dive into all the features provided by this creative MOD.

Hide your online status: This is a very common and useful feature of all MOD WA, this amazing feature of this application lets you hide your online status from others. it means no one is capable of seeing you online when you turn this feature on. It helps you when you do not let people know that you are online.

Hide blue ticks: In Whatsapp Plus, users get a single tick when the message is sent and double ticks mean messages were delivered, and double blue ticks see the sent message was seen. You can hide blue ticks and not let others know that their messages were seen by you.

Writing your status safely: When you write a message to someone the feature of WhatsApp lets him know that you are typing and writing something to him. If you do not want to let others know your writing status you may use this setting in the privacy options of WhatsApp Plus.

Recording status: Recording place, your call status, can be hidden from others, you can hide your recording audio status from others.

New Sticker Packs: Download cool and trending sticker packs from this website. We keep them updated based on sticker trends. If you wish to make your own sticker packs for WhatsApp Plus, just download a sticker creator to make stickers from this site.

Junk/unwanted Cleaner: This is a great tool for those who have to delete unneeded chats, clear chats, and other stuff to use this cleaner tool.

Amazing Wallpapers:  Every smartphone user love to set wallpaper on the screen, right? Those who love to set wallpaper on chat screens must check out some amazing wallpapers from our site.

Automatically reply system: Auto-reply feature is usually found on the Whatsapp Business application, ordinary WA does not have the feature. But the Whatsapp Plus latest version APK has the Auto-reply feature. Use it to set auto-reply from you to someone who messages you.

Addable different Themes: This is an amazing feature of MOD Whatsapp, not all Mod versions of WA provide you with this. The feature is the theme option, which means you can customize your WhatsApp plus the home in your own way. There are lots of themes available created by other users, you can be one of them by making your own theme and uploading it to WhatsApp Plus.

Customization profile: users’ interests. You can use Whatsapp Plus and customize it in your own way, you can edit the header, chat screen, main screen,  and user home screen. You can too customize its notification message and widgets

File-Sharing: Whatsapp Plus allows you to share any files in a way that the updated version of WA does not. It allows you to share videos longer than 30 seconds and supports up to 7 minutes of videos, 50 MB of video size, 100 MB of audio size, and the original quality of images.

Security service: If you are concerned about more security of Whatsapp Plus, then why do you not lock your Whatsapp? No, you do not use any third-party app to protect it. The latest version of Whatsapp+ has an inbuilt lock feature. Set passwords and be sure you secure your WAPLUS.

Logs and history: WA+ has a log and history feature which keeps all of your activity from the opening time to closing time and everything you do in WA Plus. It may help you in many ways.

Fonts and style: This Whatsapp Mod has a variety of fonts that come in amazing styles, sizes, and shapes. I am sure you would love to try them.

More Features:

There are a lot of new features added newly which weren’t in the previous version. The new features are more attractive than the old ones. Here are a few for you…

  • Added new emojis
  • groups opportunity
  • More options in settings
  • New theme
  • Video Call
  • New settings design
  • New notify bar icons
  • opportunity to customize feature
  • Plus settings
  • Update timely without uninstalling the current app
  • Extra privacy settings are available, like
  • Hide your status for security
  • Hide your daily task to secure
  • control your microphone
  • You can enable or disable anti-revoke and so on.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

On the Internet, there are a lot of links, but not every Apk file has the latest version of the app you want. Also, some links can have viruses or other dangerous software that can harm your Android device. So, it’s important to be careful when you download apps and only go to places you know are safe. I can help you by giving you a link to the most recent version of WhatsApp Plus Apk, which I always make sure is the most recent version.

App NameWhatsapp Plus Apk
Latest Versionv17.85
Size72 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0+
Update Date1 Day Ago
Total Download100,00,000+

Changelog v17.85

whatsapp plus apk v1740 changelog dark

How to Install Whatsapp Plus on Android

In order to stay in touch with your friends, you will need to update to the latest version of Whatsapp Plus. To successfully install this version of the app on your Android smartphone, you’ll need to follow a few steps carefully.

As an Android user, the first step is to download Whatsapp Plus Apk File. Once you have successfully downloaded the apk file, you can follow the installation process below to secure everything goes smoothly and your app is installed correctly.

  • To install the new version first uninstall the current version or old version if you have already on your device.
  • Then search your .apk file and if found click the install button directly. ( If there is an unavailable go to the next step)
  • For unavailable in your .apk file go to your Settings and Complete the steps
    • Go to your settings >Security >Unknown Source >
    • Check the tickmark to enable you to use it on your device.
  • Then click the below download link to enable your device or other download sources after download completely install it
  • And verify your account to confirm and continue if you have a previous account/ create one by verifying by your regional phone number.
  • To actively give or allow all permission that it wants.
  • Then customize it as you want or use the default settings.
  • And now start your journey with Whatsapp plus v18.60.Apk.

Advantages of Whatsapp Plus

If you think of an advantage of Whatsapp Plus Latest version Update, it is no need to explain. It has so many advantages that you can see in the features. As it is updated it has a new and workable attractive and useful advantage. like as…

One of the best things about Whatsapp Plus is that it gives you more privacy. End-to-end encryption and the ability to set a passcode for the app are two features that make it harder for people to listen in on your chats. Because of this, it is perfect for people who care about their privacy or who need to keep their talks secret.

Whatsapp Plus has a lot of helpful new features that make it even more useful than before. It also has more privacy features. For example, you can now change the look of the interface with different styles, and there is a built-in image editor that lets you change pictures before sending them. Also, there are new emojis, stickers, and the ability to make group calls.

Overall, Whatsapp Plus is a great improvement over the original Whatsapp. Whatsapp Plus is a great app to check out if you want a texting app with better privacy and security features, or if you just want to try out some new features.

Methods To Switch From WhatsApp To WhatsApp Plus

Before switching from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus, it is important to keep in mind that WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial version of WhatsApp and its use goes against WhatsApp’s terms of service. Moreover, using unofficial versions may pose a risk to the privacy and security of your personal information.

If you still want to switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus, you can follow these steps:

First Step: Backing Up Data From WhatsApp

To backup data from WhatsApp, please follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Tap on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Go to “Settings” and select “Chats”.
  4. Tap on “Chat backup”.
  5. If you want to back up your media files, you can enable the “Include videos” option.
  6. Tap on “BACK UP NOW” to start the backup process.

Note that the backup process may take some time depending on the size of your chats and media files. The backup will be saved on your device’s internal storage or cloud storage if you have enabled auto backup. It is important to back up your WhatsApp data regularly to avoid losing any important conversations or media files.

Next Step: Restoring Data Back To WhatsApp Plus

To restore data back to WhatsApp Plus:

  1. Install and open WhatsApp Plus on your phone.
  2. When prompted, enter your phone number and verify it with the verification code you will receive via SMS.
  3. If WhatsApp Plus detects a backup file, it will ask you whether you want to restore your chat history.
  4. Tap on “RESTORE” if you want to restore your chat history.
  5. Wait for the restore process to finish.
  6. Once the restore is complete, you can access your chats and media files in WhatsApp Plus.

Note that if you haven’t backed up your data before switching to WhatsApp Plus or if you have deleted your backup file, you won’t be able to restore your chat history. It is therefore important to regularly back up your WhatsApp data to avoid losing any important conversations or media files.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Plus chats and media to a New Phone?

To transfer WhatsApp Plus chats and media to a new phone, there are two methods:

Method 1: Transfer via Local Backup:

  1. On your old phone, open WhatsApp Plus and go to “Settings” > “Chats” > “Chat Backup”.
  2. Tap on “BACK UP NOW” to create a backup of your WhatsApp Plus chats and media files.
  3. Connect your old phone to your computer and copy the WhatsApp Plus backup file from your phone to your computer.
  4. Transfer the backup file to your new phone, either by connecting your new phone to the computer and copying the file to its internal storage or by emailing the backup file to yourself and downloading it on your new phone.
  5. Install WhatsApp Plus on your new phone and open it.
  6. Enter your phone number and verify it with the verification code you receive via SMS.
  7. When prompted, tap on “RESTORE” to restore your chats and media files.

Method 2: Transfer via Google Drive/iCloud Backup:

  1. On your old phone, open WhatsApp Plus and go to “Settings” > “Chats” > “Chat Backup”.
  2. Tap on “BACK UP NOW” to create a backup of your WhatsApp Plus chats and media files to Google Drive (for Android) or iCloud (for iPhone).
  3. On your new phone, install WhatsApp Plus and open it.
  4. Enter your phone number and verify it with the verification code.
  5. When prompted, tap on “RESTORE” to restore your chats and media files from the cloud.

Note: Make sure that your Google Drive or iCloud account is the same on both of the devices and that the backup version is compatible with the version of WhatsApp Plus that you are trying to restore.

Is it safe to use WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus App is still safe now since 2012 when it was first published. There are more than 20 million people use this app. So we say that it is safe to use WhatsApp Plus. You can send a private message (that you will never want to flash with the public) and also you can hide anything. So you can use it without any doubts on your device. If any problem comes to your front please comment below.

Developers of WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus APK was first created by AlexMods, which became popular among people looking for more features and customization options that were not available in the original WhatsApp messenger due to the app’s policy restrictions. However, when WhatsApp Plus gained popularity, many third-party developers started modifying and releasing their own versions, but only two versions of WhatsApp Plus gained widespread use and popularity.

WhatsApp Plus By AlexMods

AlexMods was the first developer to create WhatsApp Plus, and the app’s features made it a hit among users looking for more out of their messaging app. However, due to legal concerns, AlexMods stopped developing WhatsApp Plus.

HeyMods also tried to fill the gap by creating their own version of WhatsApp Plus, which gained popularity among users looking for additional features and customization options. However, HeyMods discontinued WhatsApp Plus due to legal issues.

Fouad Mods: Blue WhatsApp Plus

Another popular version of WhatsApp Plus APK is, which was created by Fouad Mods developers. This version of WhatsApp Plus includes additional features that have been popular among users since its release, making it a hit in the market. However, as with other unofficial versions of WhatsApp, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and legal concerns associated with using a modded version of the app. It is recommended to use official versions of WhatsApp to ensure privacy and security.

Some WhatsApp Alternatives:

If you find for some WhatsApp alternatives like Whatsapp Plus to use for another experience. There is a short list here of its top alternatives.


What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a third-party application that allows its users to use more features than the official WhatsApp. As this app is based on WhatsApp that’s why you will find WhatsApp Plus APK similar to the original app.

How do I download WhatsApp Plus?

Downloading WhatsApp Plus is a piece of cake! All you need to do is click on the download button located at the top of this page, and your download will start shortly. Once the download is complete, you can easily install the app and start using it right away. It’s that simple!

Is it Safe to Install WhatsApp Plus?

There are many users who are using this modded version. In fact, the number of people who are using WhatsApp Plus is increasing and so far there are no complaints regarding this third-party app. So download WhatsApp Plus APK as it is safe to use.

Why WhatsApp Plus is Getting Popular?

This app is becoming super popular because it has so many amazing features that people are loving! It’s even beating out other mods in popularity. People are really digging the features that you can’t find in the regular WhatsApp app.

What Features are Provided by WhatsApp Plus?

This app has a lot of features that you might like, like the ability to hide when you were last seen or to stop texts and status updates from being deleted. With the available customization choices, users can also change the app’s look and theme.

Can WhatsApp Plus get banned?

This cannot be ignored. WhatsApp Plus can be blocked due to update regulations. The WhatsApp company would block any such codes if they found them. It secures your account from permanent bans as an anti-ban app. WA Plus is usually banned.

Why is WhatsApp Plus not there on the Google Play Store?

WhatsApp Plus is not available on the Google Play Store because it is an unofficial and unauthorized version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has stated that the use of such third-party applications can lead to a violation of their terms of service.

Can I Use WhatsApp Plus with the Official WhatsApp?

The developer made WhatsApp Plus in such a way that you can use it with the official app installed on your phone. However, to use both versions at the same time on a single phone, you will need to use two different phone numbers.

How to Update WhatsApp Plus?

If you find that your WhatsApp Plus app is no longer up-to-date, you can easily download the latest version by visiting this webpage and clicking on the download button. To avoid any confusion, it’s recommended that you bookmark this page so that you can return to it whenever an update is needed for your app.


In conclusion, WhatsApp Plus is the best version of WhatsApp out there. It offers users a more comfortable and secure experience while also providing them with greater access to features such as themes and customization options. I highly recommend that you download this version of WhatsApp if you are looking for an upgraded experience on your Android device. Additionally, keep checking my website for updates and new downloads so that you can always stay up-to-date!

So keep visiting this website to download the latest version of Apk when the app will be updated. If you have any questions about this app, please ask your question in the comment box.

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